Nothing better than a "warm hug" and ethical retail...

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  • What We Do

    We make what goes around comes around ... positive!

    Estate Sale Management

    We manage the sell of estate goods...and leave the probate to the lawyers.

    Contact us for a free one hour consultation.

    Thrift Econ ::: 101 to 801

    Well...Our team includes qualified educators and our team lead is a fourth gen auction and thrift hunter and expert...why not share my knowledge!

    We offer workshops, both beginner's and advanced, for thrifting and home economics .. auction etiquette, hunting and survival... at costs...of course...otherwise this wouldn't be "Economics" ... don't worry, rates are fair and reasonable.

    Personal Shopping Service

    For those who'd rather skip "class" and pay somebody else to do it... we can!

    We offer personal shopping services for all of your wedding, birthday, engagement and other special or even ordinary gift-giving occasions. We also shop for you..."for you," of course!

    Ropa Rescue

    Sustainable fashion practices by real environmental scientists - now ain't that a concept?!

    Visit www.roparescue.com to shop our collection of amazing thrift finds now. Prices are all $5.99 and under. Yes. We know. I'll repeat it - "Prices are all $5.99 and under." Afterall, we didn't make the clothes...but we are trying to "make" good sense of zero waste principles for the fashion industry.

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